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LocalWiki is free, open-source software specifically designed for collaboration in local communities.

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Simple and powerful editing that requires no training or technical knowledge. Designed for accessibility and ease of use.

Wikis with a sense of place

Beautiful editable maps give context to every article and let you explore your community visually.

Mass collaboration

Built-in versioning saves the history of every article, image, and map. You can always see who made a change and exactly what was changed.

and so much more!

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Want to hack on the LocalWiki code?

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Our story

In 2004 we started the Davis Wiki, an experimental project to collect and share interesting information about the town of Davis, California, editable by anyone, that soon became the world's largest and most vibrant community wiki.

Today the residents of Davis use it for everything from learning about local news and local history to helping return lost pets to their owners — and it's become the largest, most used media source in the city. In a week, nearly half of residents use the Davis Wiki; in a month, nearly everyone uses it. And 1 in 7 residents contribute material to the Davis Wiki.

We want to help as many communities as possible realize the full potential of such an amazing, collaborative information resource.