I'm a fourth year electrical engineering student at UCSC. I founded this Wiki.

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2007-01-31 01:43:21   First post —AmitVainsencher

2007-02-02 18:49:06   hey, any chance I could get admin privileges on here. Not that I have really any idea what that would mean. —BenChaney

2009-10-30 18:45:51   Have you given any thought to using OpenStreetMap in place of Google Maps for place maps? In the Santa Cruz area, the openstreetmap is a lot more detailed, and offers opportunity for cross pollination. Detailed descriptions of places can correspond to items added on the map. —DanHomerick

2011-08-20 08:22:38   Anybody home? I'd like to get involved, but the above links don't work. [email protected] —