Aaron is on his way to becoming the usual crazy topologist... (Without the goatee these days.)
Tzviya—and yes, that's her leg behind her head while she's napping.

Aaron is a mathematics graduate student. He has a website, and an e-mail address.

Aaron adopted a pair of 5-month-old kittens from the Orphan Kitten Project in August. Asher ("happy" in Hebrew) is nearly twice as big as his sister, Tzviya ("gazelle" in Hebrew). Tzviya loves chin rubs, chairs, kneading, watching Aaron cook, and watching anything moving on the computer screen. Tzviya is slowly learning how to play fetch. Asher loves belly rubs, playing soccer with any objects that will roll or slide, food, bathtubs, and sinks. Asher is slowly learning that he can't get a belly rub while Aaron is sleeping...therefore he must wake Aaron up to get his 3am belly rub. ...and 4am. ...and 5am. ...and 6am. ...and 7am. ...and 8am.

Tzviya and Asher have learned new tricks! Tzviya is getting the hang of "fetch" "play with ball and don't return it" and "sit". Asher is becoming increasingly talented at chewing through cords of all shapes and forms from USB and speaker cables to high-voltage, high-current surge-protector cables. Apparently, kittens have 50% resistance to lightning damage, in addition to the six four lives the mischievous little brat has remaining.

I also now have three baby corn snakes. They are albino (aka, pink!) and heterozygous for blood corn, so they should have some blood corn babies when they grow up. Pitriya doesn't like eating. *Vidra (Badger in Hungarian) *Pitriya (Mushroom in Hebrew) *Zmiya (Snake in Russian)

  • Mathematical interests:
    • topology
      • knot theory
        • Khovanov homology
          • cobordisms: thingies that thing between things
            • further abstract abstracted abstraction, as long as it's pretty.
      • Legendrian knot theory
  • Non-mathematical interests:
    • stuff
    • shiny stuff
    • tasty stuff
    • Dune
    • Truth and Beauty (not the quark varieties!)
    • your mom
  • Favorite quote written in a paper or problem set so far: For w in S, note that w is never happy unless w has cookies.
  • I am firmly convinced that all mathematical terms should be words like happy, perfectly normal, and quandle.
    • Cobordism?! Nah: thingy that things between things.

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2005-12-07 13:33:37   i know you! —MichelleAccurso

  • I know me too! er. wait. nevermind, no I don't. —AR

2006-08-04 16:51:01   i like your fractal art work. for some reason i get an error when i try to access your senior thesis. —MattHh

I'm still seeing an error. Yeah, I want to read your thesis. :) —PhilipNeustrom

  • I'll see if I can figure out what's going on sometime in the next week or two. I swear I fixed it and saw it working on multiple computers a couple months ago... —AR

2007-08-16 18:35:20   It's good to know that in a world that is corrupted by journalists, the Oxford comma still lives on! —WilliamLewis

2007-11-12 16:19:50   Just curious what methods do you use to generate your fractal art. Is it paint, computers,...? —MattHh

It says at the bottom of this page the computer programs he's used. —PhilipNeustrom

2007-11-30 09:09:26   Your kitties are too cute! Any advice on how you taught them to fetch? —FeralFeline

2007-12-09 16:10:19   hello. do you know about the Wiki BBQ Jan 2008? Everyones invited. We're trying to spread the word, so if you want to let other people on the wiki know, go ahead and copy and past this. gracias! —JessicaRockwell

2007-12-10 07:56:32   Aaron - That sounds like a cool book on cats! Boo and Taffeta are great cats and it is a shame that they haven't gotten adopted yet. Sometimes being at Petsmart in a cage with all the unfamiliar sounds and actions can be scary for the cats and their true greatness does not shine through. —FeralFeline