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2008-06-19 17:14:04   If you are gonna call shenanigans on something and demand a source, please do a simple google search first. Second hit:


The burden of proof or evidence rests on the person making the assertion.

Recall that this isn't wikipedia and we do not require citations for everything. That edit needed no proof or evidence to stand. If you demand proof, look for it yourself and _then_ call shenanigans if you can't find it. I'm not going to make a habit of being your personal researcher, especially over something so trivial to find. Anyway, Brent knows far more about the history of Davis than most long-time residents. His revert was most likely based on personal knowledge. Not everything is recorded on paper or online.

Well, this is certainly a wonderful point of view! It is good to know that Brent has personal knowledge of what happened in the 1860s. That makes him a biological marvel. And your assertion that he has personal knowledge of the 1860s is also quite amazing. I guess all this helps us to understand the ease with which you folks spread unsupported and likely false assertions. Alceste

2008-06-19 18:14:52   It's not a biological marvel, it's physical marvel. And a steampunk one, at that. —BrentLaabs

2008-06-19 18:16:28   Welcome to the Wiki. No all interactions on the Wiki are confrontational. There are some tools you can use to request clarification of a point. One would be to create a talk page for the subject page that you want to discuss; to do this just use the Talk button next to the page name in the light blue bar. Ideally the wiki will grow both in quantity and quality of the information it contains. If you can assist us in improving the accuracy and breadth of the wiki please join in. —JasonAller

I encourage you to do so as well! —PhilipNeustrom

Howdy, Mr. Ceste(?) and welcome to the wiki! Unlike Wikipedia, much of what is on the DavisWiki is from personal observation, direct research and original writings, all of which are things which are not allowed on Wikipedia. It is somewhat difficult to find citations for sidewalk cracks, and things like Ask a Dentist and suggestions and tips for Adventures Outside of Davis would be totally verboten. Davis Wiki is a resource for the community of Davis, and all those entries serve as nice resources... Davis Wiki is not an encyclopedia and thus does not have traditions that are even remotely similar to Wikipedia. Of course, there are traditions here — among them are direct communication (pick up a phone), direct research (pick up a bicycle) and open discussion (talk to each other like neighbors). That's part of the reason most people use the real names we go by if you introduce yourself in a cafe to somebody. If you don't understand why something was done a particular way, just ask. It's all pretty open and friendly, and it would be great if you'd join us. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards