Alex moved to Davis in August 2011 and is currently a first year student at the UC Davis School of Law. In his free time (or what limited free time is available to a law student), he enjoys going to the Davis Farmers Market, seeing $5 movies on Tuesday nights, and exploring the many restaurants of Davis with his lovely girlfriend Jenny. He is a fan of the burgers at Tommy J's, the sushi at Davis Sushi Buffet, and the chicken alfredo at Rostini.

Alex also enjoys watching the Cal Band dominate at Battle of the Bands on Picnic Day.


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2012-03-19 12:38:21   Welcome to the Wiki! How're you liking King Hall? —TomGarberson

2012-03-19 12:45:09   Thanks for the welcome! I've really enjoyed my time at King Hall so far. The student body and the faculty have a close and friendly relationship and the general atmosphere is much more inviting than other law schools I applied to. Of course, we'll have to see how I feel after finals in May :) —AlexHirsch

2012-03-24 14:52:21   Sure — glad to help. Glad you're on the wiki! —CovertProfessor

2013-03-08 19:44:48   Hi, were you able to find a roommate? I am revamping the Roommates Wanted page and I don't want to delete your listing unless you found someone. Thanks! —LoriOrf