Describe Users/AlexPearson here. Would somebody please do this for me? I'm not sure I have a CLUE. It's like when someone asks you for your phone number and you're like.... argh. Shit. THE ONLY NUMBER I NEVER PHONE!


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2012-11-08 17:38:41   I am not a delicate or subtle person. Don't expect diplomacy after the first overture: I will crunch anyone who isnot immediately diplomatic. I have respect for everyone as long as their brain is working. —AlexPearson

2012-11-08 18:20:51   Alex-with respect, I have a hard time considering diplomacy with a person who refers to women as "broads" and uses other derogatory terms...however it's nice to hear she is reaching out to people. Maybe she won't do this again in the future. —PeteB

2012-11-08 23:38:23   That's just because you worry too much that everything is Dire and Inflammatory. Use your words, say what you MEAN, and make sure you do because you must never recant. Srsly you don't see the cheekiness of that comment? Maybe separate your panties from the rest of the washing next time. No offense meant. —AlexPearson

2012-11-08 23:46:11   If I have stepped over any lines in my life it is only because who the fuck drew lines around me? —AlexPearson