KDVS DJ/music nerd. You know me by my alias, Boris, from USSR Radio Sputnik, which is on Thursdays 9-10pm. Check out the show the show and/or - our blog. Along with my cohosts Big Sister and Natasha we play mainly 80's dance music and italo-disco, the best genre you've never heard of. I like many, many other genres of music, however. My other rock-related blog is - here.

If you're not in the mood to dance, but to headbang, I suggest you listen to my other radio show, all female vox rock, punk and folk. here

Perhaps you've seen a show at my house, I live at the Robot Residence...Robot Rocket Residence

Did I mention I'm the co-publicity director at the coolest radio station in town? http://www.kdvs.org/

Avid cyclist, backpacker, concert/house-show thrower, nature lover, photographer, artist, writer, social thinker, satirist and movie-goer.

Just graduated from UCD, transferred from Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz (aka Davis on the ocean).

You've probably seen me and didn't even know it. It's a little known fact, but i'm a Leper- and on my better days, an apathetic pothead. It's also quite possible I have the shiniest bicycle in Davis. Chrome baby, Chrome!