I GRADUATED! Still live in Davis, working in the Yang Lab and Williams Lab at UCD's Dept. of Entomology. I now spend a lot of time working but am still (sort of) living the college life, living in a house with 4 other people and picking up volunteer shifts at the Craft Center and the Student Farms as well has hopefully soon the Food Co-op. You can now find me shopping at the Co-op, at my house, working with some milkweeds on farms on the outskirts of Davis, driving all those random research roads on west campus, and only sometimes hiding.

-Majored in Environmental and Resource Sciences -Minored in Comparative Literature

Interests: -Knitting when bored, procrastinating, watching movies, watching SNL online, listening to This American Life, or out in the sun -Drinking tea -Trying all the restaurants I haven't been to at Davis (a lot) -Reading

Places Where You Might See Me: -KDVS house shows -Birdstrike Theater shows -MU -Biking -Nugget on Covell -All over campus, studying in SLB, Griffin Lounge, Shields Library, on the quad on the grass, Art Lounge, in front of classrooms, in PES, on couches, outside in front of the MU... -At a Project Compost meeting -Unitrans -At home -Hiding