AllyAnaheim is a third-year (?? theory, but not in practice. In practice, she's a fifth-year) transfer student at UC Davis. Her major is English, but ever-changing, and currently she's checking out Microbiology and International Relations. She's new to the wiki, but finds it oh-so helpful in checking out Davis! She generally uses it to pick restaurants but has been known to look at People pages like that of RobRoy and CovertProfessor and quirky pages like Bathrooms. By the way, AllyA is an Alias, and so she finds it strangely appropriate to speak about herself in the third-person.

A little history

Ally is from Colorado, but has lived in New Mexico, Hawaii, New Zealand, and California (obviously, but South Lake Tahoe as well). She hasn't been in any one place for longer than six months since she was sixteen, so this whole "Davis year-round" thing is strange and unfamiliar territory for her. Also, AllyA grew up in the restaurant business, and greatly values Fast, Friendly, Competent service at the businesses she frequents. When it's good she tips well, when it's bad she still tips well, but unhappily so. Now, she'll be able to remark about the good/bad service to a semi-captive audience, and this thrills her. Can you feel the excitement?

Some things AllyAnaheim is a fan of include:

Say What?!

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Welcome to the Davis Wiki. Please also see the "Importance of using your RealName" page. - PaulAmnuaypayoat

  • Hey Paul, thanks for the welcome and throwing in some links! I checked out the page you reccomended and found it very informative, but I like my alias and I'm just not really prepared to have my name floating all around Davis yet :). That said, I fully intend to be respectful and productive in both my comments and editing and hope you guys are cool with that. Thanks again! - AllyAnaheim

2008-01-16 16:33:27   Hello, I just saw your listing for the room for rent. I'm interested in renting it for the next fall quarter probably in Septemeber 08. Will it be available then and will I be able to share it with another mate? You can email me at [email protected]! Thanks!! —ginagina

2008-05-07 19:12:20   Hey! I am also going to be a transfer student at UC Davis in my third year! I saw that you are looking for a roommate and looking at your interests and stuff I think we might hit it off pretty well!! I am VERY interested in the place cause you seem really cool and it's an amazing location so if you could email me that would be great (I just created this daviswiki account because i saw your listing so if your email is somewhere on here i'm sorry but i'm so lost right now) my email is [email protected]. I would love to talk to you more about the place and tell you more about myself so i hope to hear from you soon! thanks!! ~rachel —racker