Alyssa graduated from UC Davis in 2009, one of the last Medieval Studies majors and a true Roddy-ite. She recently abandoned dreams of continuing in academia in favor of more "practical" pursuits—namely trying for a law degree. She enjoys reading, and watching films. She is what is sometimes known as a "movie buff;" during her tenure at Davis, far too much of her money from home was spent on movie rentals at 49er Video. She also watches regular old television, though she admits that it rots one's brain, particularly shows like "American Dad" and "Family Guy," which she is ashamed to admit that she loves. She has ceased watching "House," which she once loved, as it has of late become far more dangerously brain-rotting than the other two combined.

As to shows not currently in syndication, she is enamoured of British comedies like "Blackadder" and "Red Dwarf," and she is a consummate Trekkie.

She is ethnically Jewish.

She often misses living at Pinon Apartments, where she lived whilst a student at Davis.

Favorite Quote:

Four be the things I'd been better without: Love, curiosity, freckles and doubt.

— Dorothy Parker, "Inventory"


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If you're watching House because Chase is hot, it's brain-rotting. But the dialogue approaches Oscar Wilde at times... this jury member votes "not brain-rotting".jw

2006-09-17 02:52:24   the only brain rotting in House is a really gnarly case of Kuru.. —ChrisLambertus

2007-12-28 10:44:05   The most insightful comment I've seen so far about House MD: It's never lupusMattJurach