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2012-05-16 17:27:05   Hi Alzada. I've never worked really with boxes so I don't know the answer to your question. But I will forward your question to somebody who has more wiki knowledge than I do. —ScottMeehleib

2012-05-17 01:45:36   After playing around for a while, I was able to figure out how to put a box around the San Francisco text. Hopefully that's what you had in mind. —ScottMeehleib

I'm glad you like the way the tables turned out. I don't have much experience with raw HTML, but my guess would be that the wiki uses a simplified or modified version of HTML for certain tasks such as creating tables. These are the guides I used to make the box-effect with the table function: and To answer your other question, there is currently no way to make the most recent comments appear at the top. I feel this is a flaw in the wiki software. The work-around that most of us use is to archive the comments by creating another page that acts as a sub-page, and then all the old comments are simply copied and pasted onto the new page; then we create a link from the original page to the sub-page and delete all the comments on the original page. This is usually done every year or so with businesses and organizations, or whenever an excessive amount of comments starts to make the page unwieldy. As an example, check out Friendly Cab and Friendly Cab/Comments 2009 & 2010. - SM