Amy Googenspa once bought a pint of Ben & Jerry's and ate the entire thing.


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2007-01-02 20:42:37   Sorry, but no. Not even really a fan of their food. I just call people on idiotic comments like "Crepeville only hires Mexicans" or "I had to drink out of a plastic cup, boo hoo!" —JeffSpeckles

2007-08-06 19:50:39   I noticed your comment on the Blockbuster page and wondered if you ever filed a complaint. If you filed it with the management (esp. in the Downtown store) know that it didn't get there because when I worked there she couldn't have cared less what customers thought. I urge you (and anyone else you know who has complaints) to call the corporation. I doubt they'll do anything (they treat their employees as bad as their customers) but it's worth a shot. I tried really hard when I was employed to treat customers right but was actively discouraged because it often "took too long." Thanks, from a former (and very disgruntled) employee —Naomi

2008-03-17 18:45:24   ["Agricultural and Resource Economics/Talk"]JabberWokky