Angelique Donovan, aka "Angel" Donovan is part of the Management Team for Academy Lane Apartments.

Hello, I am the Property Manager at Academy Lane Apartments, previously Americana Arms. I was moved up from the Los Angeles area with my husband Jason, by Virtu Property Management when they purchased the property June 2012. My husband is also part of the Management Team, as the Head of Maintenance. Since we took over the property, we have been working on improvements - not only what you see from the street, but also structural repairs, insulation in all the interior and exterior walls, and just recently all the new paint/trim and carpet in the interior hallways.

Come check out all our hard work!

Besides managing the property, we also have a total of 4 kids. His daughters are 15, one of which lives with us and the other lives and goes to school in LA with her mother. We also have 2 kids together, a son and a daughter, 8 and 11 who attend North Davis Elementary... We love this town, and have enjoyed the changes so far.


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