This nerd is now an East Coast defector. Traitor! - —KBathory the sister that remains

I grew up in Davis, and am currently going to Columbia College in South Carolina for a B.A. in dance education with certification. I'm still very much a Davisite at heart, though!

Dance and music have been my passions from a very early age, so most everything I do ties into those in some way or another. I'm mostly a homebody, so you're not likely to see me out and about or at any sort of night-life scene. Yes, I live under a rock, and I'm darn proud of it, too! I've done my fair share of traveling, culminating in a year abroad in Ireland with visits to several other European countries. Aside from the performing arts, I really enjoy curling up with a book or a movie, or fooling around online. I have quite eclectic tastes when it comes to all of my hobbies and interests, and I like to try to keep an open mind to new perspectives on them.

My interests include, but are not limited to (and in no particular order):

Dance - ballet, tap, bellydance, modern, jazz, musical theater, ballroom, hip hop, lyrical, Irish Music - baroque, classical, Broadway, pop, R&B, easy listening, new age, rock, celtic, world, middle eastern, vocal, jazz Books - fantasy, non-fiction, historical fiction, biographies, beauty, history, poetry, crafts, modern fiction, sci-fi, thriller/mystery, romance Movies - just about everything. There's very few movies I've seen so far that I dislike Food - I'm a rather picky eater, and my tastes tend to lean towards the simple. Not a huge veggie fan, but I'm getting better.