Her name is Annie, not Anne. She also goes by the names: Annire, Annipolous, Annimol, Holliday, G-Unit, and "the lone Greenley". She's a Sociology major at UCD. She lives in West Davis this year.

Annie is on the right.

Her only claim-to-fame is that she's the proud owner of a very fat cat named Rollee. Rollee is on MySpace, just like every other posh animal.

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2005-04-03 23:13:13   Rock those drums!! —JackHaskel

2008-10-12 12:25:35   If you are Keith Borland's biggest fan, can you help figure out where to link to his page from? —JasonAller

2008-11-22 16:43:55   The page you created for Jennifer Tang needs to be linked from somewhere so that it isn't just an orphan. —JasonAller