Anthony Nguyen is a part of the Nguyen army at UCI. You can often find this army racing Ricers around the corporate jungle that is Irvine, or eating delicious Pho. Anthony is currently assembling his own ghetto motorcycle so that he can show the Ricers that in Soviet Russia dirt eats you! He trained the current Leader of the UCD Bolshevik Revolution to her current levels of Proletariatness.

Some of you might ask, why does this guy have a DAVISwiki page, he doesn't even go here!

This is a good question. Perhaps you need some reeducation comrade.

Anthony is not well known for having silly hats, but for some reason I have a lot of pictures of him in silly hats...

Anyways, the real reason Anthony "Domination" Nguyen has a wiki page is because he wishes he went to Davis, as Irvine is full of the Irvine Corporation and the notoriously inefficient ASUCI. However UCI did give Anthony a full ride, so he is there instead. Hanging out with Asians. Lots. And Lots. Of Asians.

stupid things anthony has done

  • Attempted to make a nuclear reactor
  • Been knocked unconscious and gotten a plasma burn on his finger by accidentally electricuting himself while testing a 12000 volt power supply.
  • Tried to cut down a tree with a pick axe, pick axed himself in the leg resulting in a large puncture wound, and then proceeded to go on a camping trip to the beach for 3 days.
  • Saw plumes of smoke coming from a mountian from miles away and logically concluded the safest thing to do was to goto it, climb the mountian, and check out rampant wildfire. He managed to convince the renowned Dan and others to go also.
  • Fainted in a bathroom while about to shower; crawled around semi-conscious for awhile before going the the beach and digging a really big hole.
  • Biked around San Diego on a bicycle with no breaks.
  • Biked 30 miles around Irvine on a bicycle with flat tires.
  • Ate a spoonful of wasabi at a restaurant because he was politely asked to.
  • Voluntarily got pepper sprayed in the face during finals week ... because you know, it's an experience.
  • Was lit on fire. Videos coming soon!


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