Stumpy died.

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You see to be wanting to start race fights on the wiki. Please refer to Wiki Ethics. We don't need extremely controversial, off topic things here. Race talk is fine but can be contributed to through Race & Ethnicity. Also, as an aside, please refrain from using "fuck" and other objectionable language on this family oriented website if possible. EDIT: I realize I just said "shit", sorry for the heated emotional language. - JH

2005-08-14 23:45:32   time we all take a wiki chill pill. where's the wine? —JackHaskel

Who's got man-tits at delta? Welcome to the wiki! —PhilipNeustrom

2005-08-21 19:08:05   what? —MichelleAccurso

2005-08-21 19:16:01   Just curious: what could you say to us at the next BBQ that you can't tell us (or show us) online? We're willing to listen to whatever argument you can make. —BrentLaabs

2005-08-21 21:02:24   Are you asian or do you have an asian fetish? —MarieHuynh

2005-08-21 22:21:03   can't it be both? —ApolloStumpy

2005-08-24 09:16:29   How deeply did you look into the history of the Sigma Chi page before you made those edits? —JasonAller

2005-08-24 21:32:50   Wow, that meeting sounds nuts! —PhilipNeustrom

2005-08-25 06:12:40   Hey, cool picture! That's a Tiger Mosquito. I know because in the early 90s, I was the first person to identify a Tiger Mosquito in Palm Beach County, Florida. Captured and brought it in, too. I have always liked biology, especially microbio, and the Tiger was a new disease vector entering the state at the time. (Yes, I am a geek). —JabberWokky

2005-08-25 10:09:49   Hey, Apollo... I rendered your addition to Ruth's page down to the facts. If you want, revert, but I have a feeling it will wind up being reworked a bit to have a bit less vitrol. (My favorite quote was something along the lines of "After the panel of scientists left the meeting got much more relaxed. Overall, I'm happy, although we didn't get any real answers". Heh. —JabberWokky

2005-09-18 23:11:57   I didn't remove your comment, but I can see why the comment was removed. It would be one thing if you were suggesting that Bistro 33 has discriminatory hiring practices, or is committing sexual harassment with their employees. Otherwise, that kind of a comment is a big invasion of privacy. I don't see how anyone's sex life is appropriate content for the Wiki —CraigBrozinsky

2005-09-24 13:25:45   are you seriously getting sued for libel? because that would be awesome. —ArlenAbraham

2005-09-25 22:44:43   I'd throw information on Condoms on the Sex page. —BrentLaabs

2005-09-26 00:07:28   no, it'd be bad for the wiki dumbass, unless you think prior review is cool. besides two of my friends got hired and none of them were banged, yet, so i retracted the claim, for now. —ApolloStumpy

2005-09-26 03:49:03   Why do you insist on making stupid pages? Just because you had a thought doesn't mean it belongs on the wiki. —TravisGrathwell

2005-10-02 11:58:48   you can find out Redrum's health dept. records by calling (530)-666-8646— i'd be interested to hear them too! —CraigBrozinsky

2005-10-02 16:12:16   what's your obsession with Walmart? —ES

2005-10-03 11:15:54   This guy is a troll. —JackHaskel

2005-10-04 08:40:27   DavisWiki is not intended to be bias free. Where did you get that idea? Wikipedia has a funky NPOV rule, but this isn't Wikipedia (you can tell by the logo in the upper left hand corner) ;) —JabberWokky

2005-10-23 22:34:08   Go waste your obviously large amounts of free time on something else, jackass. —DylanBeaudette

2005-10-23 22:36:16   Hey guy, please stop being so rude all the time. You're harshing my mellow, man. —MikeIvanov

2005-10-23 23:04:23   You died? —MichelleAccurso

2005-10-24 01:04:22   I say fuck 'em—you've got as much right to an opinion as everybody else does. —SummerSong

2005-10-26 20:01:22   Do you ever say anything nice? —KenjiYamada

2005-10-29 23:59:44   You're awesome. Keep up the good work. —RoyWright

2005-10-30 04:51:45   i apologize if my lack of perfect grammar at such an early hour offended you. if you always have something to defend your statements, why don't you simply state them instead of getting agressive? with your troll name and attitude on this wiki, you shouldn't be surprised by the widespread hatred of you here. atleast put your real name down, no one's going to physically attack you in public or anything, with a real name we'll atleast take you a little more seriously. and yes, i should so be banned for using bad grammar. because we don't have editing options. —MichelleAccurso

2005-11-17 22:58:28   Sex Offenders: The list is not complete and there is no need to duplicate it as it can be found on their website, which is mandiated to be updated. —PhilipNeustrom

2005-11-18 21:10:19   While the majority of the 24 listed sex offenders committed a crime against a minor 14 years old or younger, I don't think it's worth noting (in the way you wrote it, at least) as it's akin to saying that the majority of convicted burglars have broken and entered. It's not surprising, as these are convicted sex offenders. —PhilipNeustrom

2005-12-19 01:01:41   Your Ikea edits cracked me up. —ES

2005-12-22 00:22:50   crazy shit has transpired on the "Keys" page. CRAZY SHIT! —AndrewBanta

2006-01-14 16:23:45   Re: Commons Grounds wifi. 2Mbps vs. 11Mbps vs. 54Mbps is irrelevant when the uplink is 1.5Mbps or slower. What's your rationale for changing my edit? (I'm not trying to be confrontational - just want to discuss.) —GrahamFreeman

2006-01-24 13:39:10   Have you been to any restaurants in Davis that aren't staffed by assholes and jerks? Serving you must be a real treat. You have no clue what you are talking about regarding food and drink yet consider your wait staff jerks and assholes when your food is not to your exact liking. Ever consider sending food back or asking for it to be made differently, or perhaps reading the menu or asking what is in the item before ordering it? You'll save yourself and your server a hell of a lot of trouble and headache. —JeffSpeckles

2006-01-30 22:22:02   Are insults and flame wars necessary? —DavisWikiGnome

2006-02-01 00:16:14   I am sorry if it looks like I am creating a manifesto. I am just creating a page for my party, which is not done yet, so it looks like propoganda now. But in a week, it will look better. But if that bugs you, I'll change it so nothing will be there until the final product —MichaelMolnar

2006-02-08 11:05:52   I love the writeup for the Featured Page. Witty and well linked. —JabberWokky

2006-02-12 22:48:44   since when do you post delta events? —ArlenAbraham

2006-02-15 11:16:07   If you have questions about you-know-who, talk to me. —BrianChen

voldemort? - ArlenAbraham

2009-01-17 10:38:30   You created a page about Melvin Carter. Where should it be linked from? —JasonAller