Ariana Brill is a fourth-year JD/MBA student at UC Davis. This year she is hanging out at both King Hall and the Graduate School of Management. She is very happy to be living at J Street Co-op.

Ariana is from Santa Barbara. Before arriving in Davis, Ariana attended Vassar College for her undergraduate degree, where she lived in Ferry House. Ariana is vegan, though she occasionally eats fish. She is very passionate about television, which she views as a uniquely character-oriented art-form. Her favorite show is Six Feet Under. Ariana is especially passionate about children's television.

Ariana's friend Emy and she joked about someone making a page for a user of the wiki without consent of the person the page is about. Threats were made, and this is the result.


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2010-07-30 11:43:23   Congrats on (I'm guessing) finishing the bar! —TomGarberson