Ariane Metz (also known as Aree Metz) is a former instructor in the University Writing Program at UC Davis and a former UC Davis Educational Talent Search Program Advisor at Codova High School and Encina High School. She is currently teaching English at Woodland Community College. During the summers, Aree also teaches in the Center for International Education at UC Davis. After graduating from UC Davis with a double major in English and Anthropology in 2011, Aree completed a Masters in English Literature at Washington State University in 2013.

Aree has been heavily involved with the Camp Adventure program at UC Davis and California State University, Sacramento for the last five years. Through the program she has worked in Japan (twice), Belgium, Germany (twice), China, Hawaii, and Florida. Any current UC Davis students interested in joining the program are welcome to contact Aree with questions.


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Welcome to the wiki! Please consider the importance of using the preview button. —StevenDaubert


2007-08-22 18:39:59   Hi Aree, I believe Steven is asking that you click the "Preivew" button first when you make changes instead of simply clicking "Save" after you make little tweaks. If you take a look at the "Recent Changes" tab on the top, you'll see your page has 20-some edits by you, if you had previewed some of those changes first, there wouldn't be so much "edit-spam" for your page =) —VladLoscutoff

2007-08-22 18:40:59   indeed!

Please name some anime you have watched... And answer me this: Subbed or Dubbed? —StevenDaubert

2007-08-22 18:42:34   ah...k... :D —ArianeMetz

2007-08-22 18:43:41   ah...anime ive would be easier trying to name anime i HAVEN'T watched lol...and as for dubbed or subbed, i prefer subs...but i used to work at funimation so i cant say i hate dubs entirely... —ArianeMetz

2007-08-22 18:48:35   good, the conversation on anime can continue, as you have passed the test =D

anyways, (in no particular order) Naruto, bleach, FMA, FMP, FMPF, Trigun, Rourini Kenshin, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Ghost in the Shell:SAC, Evangelion, that one with the giant robots, etc —StevenDaubert

  • geeks : ) . Like I can talk. Have you seen "Tainted Donuts"? A must if you liked Trigun and Bebop. —KevinChin
    • Oh yeah, forgot bebop, thats a winner... What about helsing? Tenjou Tenge? —StevenDaubert

2007-08-22 18:56:11   which one with the giant robots? there are literally hundreds. As for everything else you said, ive sen them all...though not so much of Capt. Tylor...I lov3 G.I.T.S though....and hate Eva —ArianeMetz

2007-08-22 19:22:41   I was being silly with the giant robots comment ^__~

Eva takes a loooong time to grow on you, I've been thru the series and the movies a couple times, and each time you notice more and more and more. keep in mind when the series was penned for the first time the author was clinically insane. —StevenDaubert

  • Mr. Daubert, you are a ridiculous person, and you like ridiculous things. I'm also a big Eva fan. But really — the important question is whether you like Gurren Lagann. —ct

2007-08-22 23:55:59   ugh...that is exactly what every GUY i have talked to EVA about has said. it really is a guy thing. Same with TenTen...Hellsing and Bebop are good tho —ArianeMetz

2007-09-18 22:47:33   ...Steven.../b/tard?

('win') —ArianeMetz

2007-11-17 00:33:49   Hi Aree, just curious, which email address did you send the letter to SJA to? [email protected]? —AlexQuan

2007-11-17 00:42:27   Nope, it's correct. Now I know who to talk to in my office. Thanks. —AlexQuan

2007-11-17 00:53:57   Absolutely not, I work for them/with them. You have no worries. —AlexQuan

2007-11-17 01:04:09   I understand, it gets nasty on this wiki. I can explain to you the process of it, most likely I won't be working directly on that case unless it goes to a formal hearing. Right now, however, an SJA officer will reply back to you via email about the allegations you brought up and they'll take it from there. —AlexQuan

2007-11-17 01:09:48   You're welcome, if you have more questions about the SJA process, don't hesitate to ask. :) —AlexQuan

2007-11-17 10:01:28   Hey, if you're worried about the nasty little comment you got, I read through your letter and thought it was well written. That's judging it by the similar letters I have read that were written by a wide variety of people at all stages in life during my years as a manager, business owner and member of various committees. The nasty little pompous paragraph written to you reeks of ignorance through innocence of the way the world works. You did fine, speaking out in very measured claims that were reasonably phrased, and when you posted it publically to show that claims had been made, you made quite a stand. I only wish I had followed my first impulse and commented that it was well written before you received such a harsh reply. I have a feeling that, contrary to the assertions made, you'll do quite nicely in life.

2008-11-30 10:17:30   What kind of food does TVC's buffet offer? Might go there one of these days, especially since I just turned 21. —BrendanChan

  • Thunder Valley Casino
  • Thanks for the tip! —BrendanChan

2009-02-06 14:51:58   Any UCD student, regardless of ability, can show up to a Band-uh rehearsal and join in the fun. Sorry it took so long to get back to you... I haven't been on here for a several months. — TomNelsonTomNelson

2009-05-06 07:53:14   haha nice job with the camp a wiki. i was gonna start one but you beat me to it in terms of speed and probably quality :P —lesterlowe

2010-07-12 06:20:33   Ariane~~~ I haven't seen you in forever. I was never smart enough for your circle of trust, but I've relocated to davis as well. ;3 Maybe we could have lunch sometime, or you can check out my crappy job. xD Which anime/manga are you into right now? I'm looking for some new ones. ;3 -Morgan Carranza I know you remember me. It's hard to forget giants. X3 —Mogitha

2010-07-19 15:46:21   I'm doing well. (Sort of, haha, struggling with rent and such, the usual). Today's my birthday, actually =3. I moved to Michigan for a while and moved back because of the crappy weather there. xD That's so good! I hope you have fun in Germany and it would be so awesome to hang out before your school starts up again, what time of year is that? September or something? lmao


2010-08-21 14:23:29   Hmm, I guess I need to check my wiki page more often. —AndrewHarrison

2011-01-24 12:39:11   yes you do aree !!!! —tneeley

2011-01-30 11:50:14   Hello! I moved your comment abut Young Hall to the page itself and added a comment bar. Talk pages are generally for issues relating to the style or content setup of a wiki page and not for general observations about the actual person/place/thing the page is about. I don't recall ever seeing things in young hall but I'll admit that I found the basement rather foreboding for some reason. —ARWENNHOLD

2014-09-20 18:27:02   A half sandwich at CREAM looks to be a cookie split in two pieces and ice cream in between.