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2009-11-11 09:32:13   Actually, I am an official sponsor of the DBC and their race team. If you were a member, you would see my logo on their race kit on both sides of the shorts. As for my sponsoring the UCD Cycling team. I was supposed to be this years Bike supplier, but at the last minute, they went with an online retailer instead. I still offer the UCD Cycling team a very nice discount in the shop (Better than any other shop in town, including the UCD Bike Barn, their main sponsor). I also sponsor a grass roots program that has brought up many young riders into the ranks of collegiate and USAC/UCI events. Many are racing as A's, B's, and C's this year. My riders have had podium finishes in many local and national events. Please refrain from editing the APEX Cycles page in regards to my business practices. —Aaron.Curtin

2009-12-02 18:08:19   Just so you know... I am now an official sponsor of the UCD cycling team this year. Last week they requested my logos for their new jerseys for the upcoming season. —Aaron.Curtin