Ashley Pyon is obsessed with making lists that she does not end up following. She loves public speaking and aspires to become an inspirational television image one day. She has had too many embarrassing moments in her life that it would be dangerous to dwell on them. She likes to think she is brave and daring, but when certain situations reveal themselves, she easily gets scared. She loves the company of spontaneous people because they let her express her own spontaneity. She needs to stop procrastinating and live everyday to the fullest, but she has yet to do that on a daily basis. She has immense Northern California pride, but secretly wishes she lived in Southern California with their beaches and warm weather. She likes to wear bright colors and outrageous accessories to stand out in a crowd. She loves finding new bands that no one else knows about and blasting their music. She adores sunny days when she feels lazy and just lays outside on the grass, but also likes rainy days as long as she is inside with the heater on and is holding a hot cup of cocoa. If she were an animal, she would be a koala because they have the life—lazing around in trees and eating all day. Her worst fears are rejection, failure, missing chances, and clowns. She leaves Christmas lights up in her room 365 days in the year because they make her feel unbelievably happy and giddy. She sporadically likes to do things that are reminiscent of her childhood—such as romp around on the playground, play Mario Party, and play “house” with her baby cousins. She is blessed with the most loving family and caring friends that she would never trade for others in this world. She does not have a firing passion as of yet, but when she discovers it, she will give it her all. She is still young and is learning every day.


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