One of the thousands of attorneys in Tallahassee living in Summerbrooke subdivision. Brian authors the periodic "My View" that the Tallahassee Democrat kindly publishes. Whether you choose to read what Brian writes, is absolutely up to you..... but the most fun from having a My View published is the responses received from the readers... an email, a letter to the editor and from time to time, a conflicting My View appears in response.

Brian is a huge fan of Tallahassee/Leon County, having moved here in 2000. 

The diversity of people, by ethnicity, religion, net worth, political and sexual orientation, is fantastic. All are welcome, and that lesson is learned soon upon arrival here. Looking to meet a great, representative bunch of Tallahasseeites, visit and join The Village Square, of which Brian is a director and founding member, and you will quickly become proud to say you live here.