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Baljeet (BJ) Sangwan has been a 'Davisite' for more than 25 years! He owned and operated one of Davis' only independent publishing houses for nearly 20 of those years (including publishing the late Stephen Dixon, a National Book Award finalist), which is to say, until the virtual demise of the independent book-publishing industry with the advent of Mr Bezos and closure of bookstores. He raised two children, a son and a daughter, in Davis, all the way from DPNS to DHS, coached AYSO soccer for six years, inline hockey for two years, and organized and led cross-country skiing field trips to the mountains for children at the now-defunct Valley Oak Elementary School. He is now involved in a startup offering a drag-and-drop travel destinations mini guides archive and attendant platform to online travel brands, and also teaches Davis teens and UCD students to drive - yes, cars! - although he fully expects that chatGPT will upend the first pursuit and autonomous cars will bring an end to the latter (but until then, hey, we press on, right?). He has lived on four continents, speaks a smattering of diverse languages, and is a passionate cook, skate-skier, art lover (and collector), and an avid gardener who grows some of the hottest peppers in town, harvesting them to make 'skhug' (a mind-blowing, fiery Middle-Eastern relish that's not for the faint of heart! Lol!). :(