Baljeet (BJ) Sangwan has been a 'Davisite' for more than 25 years! He owned and operated one of Davis' onlyindependent publishing houses for nearly 20 of those years - including publishing Stephen Dixon, a National Book Award finalist twice over - which is to say, until the virtual demise of the independent book-publishing industry with the advent of the Internet and closure of bookstores. He raised two children, a son and a daughter, in Davis, all the way from DPNS to DHS, coached AYSO soccer for six years, inline hockey for two years, and organized and led cross-country skiing field trips to the mountains for children at the now-defunct Valley Oak Elementary School. He is now involved in a pure-play Internet start-up offering a white-label 'travel destinations' platform to online travel brands, and also heads the Davis arm of Referral Driving. He has lived on four continents, speaks a smattering of diverse languages, and is a passionate cook, skate-skier, art lover (and collector), and an avid gardener who grows some of the hottest peppers in town, harvesting them to make 'skhug' (a super hot and super zesty Middle-Eastern relish that's not available in stores in the US - yet!). :(

Hi BJ, thanks for creating the driving school page for your driving school.  Unfortunately, it looks like you added all of your information as a "tag" using the "add tag" button.  Could you please re-create the page and enter content text by pressing the "Edit" button at the top of the screen?  Please see the help pages here for more information on editing:  Best, Philip

Yes, there are links to AP driving, click on your own links! I didn't even know (the name and website) "AP driving", so it would be very clairvoyant of me . :-) ConstantiaOomen

The links read one thing and went someplace else.  The same applied to the Facebook link.  I don't use Facebook, but it was linked to AP Driving as well, so I removed it. -- JabberWokky

Every time I've clicked on a link on the page it has gone to the appropriate page or URL. I'm not seeing whatever you're seeing. Besides, it doesn't make sense: How and where do these 'extraterrestrial' links come from, since there has been no sign of anyone editing the page other than five users, none of whom appear to have any association with AP. - BJSangwan

I have no idea how or why those links were there.  All I can say is what I saw.  You can see it too, by going to this older version of the page and clicking the Facebook link. -- JabberWokky

Maybe it's a copy/paste thing, using text from other sources and forgetting to remove competition's links? ConstantiaOomen