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2011-02-12   Howdy Barbara, and Welcome to the Wiki. My name's Evan, pleased to meet you! Thanks for adding information about Co-Dependents Anonymous and linking it in places like Support Groups, but many of the topics you linked it under seem to be very inappropriate. It would appear you are just trying to add links to as many entries as possible to raise awareness of the organization. That seems like a good idea, but if everybody did it, then the Co-Dependents Anonymous entry would be buried under links to various additional support groups, soccer leagues that promoted fellowship and just about every religious and spiritual group in Davis. Cause oriented spam seems like a noble idea, but in practice, it is like covering up other people's fliers on a bulletin board. I removed several of your edits — not because I don't support the idea of CoDA! — but rather because they were not really on-topic for the subject of the entries you added them to. I left them in all the general topic entries like Support Groups or the Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Center, which seems to have an open list of alternative support resources on it. I hope you understand that I did this for the exact same reason you added the links: to improve the wiki as a resource for people looking for help. I mean it sincerely when I say welcome to the wiki, and thank you for the additions you made to the CoDA relevant entries! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards