Beth Freeman is technically a professor of English. But she's wildly curious about many other things, and teaches herself new tech stuff when and if she can. So this wiki-world is a new adventure for her. You can take her classes in 19th century American literature and other fields in the English department, if you're so inclined. Be prepared to encounter visual culture, cultural studies, gender/sexuality issues, interest in student ideas, MyUCDavis incorporated into the class, a decent memory for names, and bad handwriting.

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2005-06-20 00:40:10   haha nice to see you on the wiki, Dr. Freeman. i couldn't get in your ENL 188 class for fall (it was filled up), which is a disappointment... but maybe you could get me a PTA...? haha. —BrianChen

2008-02-28 22:24:37   Hi Dr. Freeman! You are on Davis Wiki! We need more professor participation! I took your gender & sexuality class and a couple of your 19th century lit classes circa 2001. I loved your classes! You forced us to ponder some provocative issues.

UCD Students: I highly recommend that you try to take a class with Dr. Freeman, regardless of major. Her classes are interesting and you'll be better for it in the long run. —CurlyGirl26

2008-11-23 21:15:30   Oh wow, that's so nice, CurlyGirl— thanks! —BethFreeman