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I offer patient, positive oriented, holistic lessons in Guitar, Bass and Piano.  Lessons are highly individualized, flexible, and paced for success.  I teach students of all ages, styles and levels  It's never too late to start and I've introduced music to the newly retired.  Of course, starting children is a great gift.

It has been said one should find a teacher that wants to teach even more than one wants to learn.  I am such a teacher, I love to teach..

I have performed and taught since high school, throughout my entire career.

I now am offering remote instruction via Zoom and other web apps.

I welcome students of any age or level.   

Students learn to understand music, while the emphasis is on playing every note with feeling.

Creativity Nurtured.

Lessons are paced for success.



  • Columbia University, MA: Music and Music Education.  
  • Berklee College of Music,  Guitar and Bass Performance Major, Keyboard minor,
  • Member of Davis Music Teacher's Association.
  • Certified Music Teacher.
  • Highly experienced performer and teacher.
  • Choir Director, Folsom Public Schools



I worked my way through college strictly by playing music and have played my entire life.  I also had a career as a systems engineer, school teacher and college professor where I really learned to think, but continued to teach and play music throughout my career.  

I use the latest research in the psychology and neuroscience in teaching music, there has been an explosion of exciting research in the field.  In addition, studying music has been demonstrated improve academic and work performance, abstract thinking, focus, and many areas of intelligence.    This is balanced with a first class Ivy League education and studying with some of the world's greatest teachers.

I help students get starter musical instruments that play easily and sound good.  In fact I try and keep some inexpensive guitars in stock.    On my website I have pages devoted to selecting starter instruments but it's best if you get my help.

Patient lessons in Guitar, Bass (Upright and Electric) and Piano.

Bob Comarow  321-591-1954.