Photos of "Glitter Chariot" in the FSU Museum of Fine Arts.Bob Howard is the retired director of the Askew Student Life Center at Florida State University.  As such, he supervised the SLC Student Life Cinema program.  During his 35 years at FSU, he also managed the Club Downunder, did publicity for the College of Music, and was an administrator for the Florence/London Programs (now International Programs).

He has also served as president and programmer for both the Tallahassee Film Festival and the Tallahassee Film Society.  He is also a past  board member of the Tallahassee Irish Society and a former member of the Red Hills Horse Trials Media Committee.

His real post-retirement passion, however, is photography.  He photographs events for The Village Square as well as various FSU groups (including the FSU Flying High Circus, Union Productions, Pow Wow, Student Life Center, the Golden Tribe Lecture Series, the Presbyterian University Center Faculty Lecture Series, FSU Belly Dancers, and Glitter Chariot art performance group) and various community groups (Southern Shakespeare Company and Bardlings, Tallahassee Bach Parley, Tallahassee Film Society, Tallahassee Irish Society, Istanbul Cultural Center, Slapstick rock band, and others).  

He is also obsessed with traveling and is always plotting his next trip to Europe.