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2007-09-19 23:54:44   Welcome to the Wiki. I'm sorry that your introduction to editing the wiki came as the result of such an incident, but your comment demonstrates your commitment to customer service. My only suggestion would be that it would have been easier to read if it were broken into paragraphs, but it was worth reading even without them. The [[Footnote()]] macro 1 is also useful for formatting. I hope that this experience hasn't left you feeling too negative about the wiki. Pages like Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner and Reviews show that there are elements of the wiki community working to find a way to value the contribution of all users while dealing with people who only leave negative comments, spam, and or incorrect information. One of the techniques that has been tried is to move older comments off to a comment archive page. This preserves the comment, but keeps a business from having older and potentially out of date comments near the top of the comment section. There are also some editors who will push back and leave comments for those who only leave negative comments. —JasonAller


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