Brennan Blazer Bird

¡Hola, me llamo Brennan! I enjoy rock climbing, bicycling for long distances, playing guitar and drumming in circles. I also love buildering and tree climbing. I probably hold the record for reaching the highest natural place in Davis. I am a backpacking guide for Outdoor Adventures and the compost operations director for Project Compost. I love making art, particularly within the 2-dimensional realms of drawing and painting. I am a geology major and an avid numerologist. Reggae is almost always my musical release. I am the third bird. My biggest life issue is balancing all my interests without spreading myself too thin. Self-discipline is my greatest struggle and most sought after freedom.

Need compost? [email protected]

Barefooted Climbing Making Mom a Compost Bin Reaching Home - Solo Bike Trip down North CA Coast Three Little Birds on Picnic Day 2007 Brennan in 2013 Brennan at the Compassion Earthbench dedication 2013-05-31


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2009-01-05 18:14:10   I haven't really got past the planning stage on the Solar Oven, saw some abandoned ovens and thought about using those for a shell, but I should probably find a design 1st. The solar dehydrator is done, but I'll have to wait till spring to test it out. How far did you get? —AlexMandel