Eventually, I'll put something meaningful here... maybe.

Until then...

I've been living in the fine borough of Davis for nearly 2 years now. I attended college at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. Afterwords, I wandered around Europe for a few months before relocating to the flatlands known as the Central Valley. I recently conformed to the City ordinance requiring that every citizen have a bicycle. I helps me pretend I'm active and in shape.

While I'm not working in Sactown, I try to...
  • go hiking and camping
  • listen to live music (the kind with real instruments, preferably)
  • take photographs (see above)
  • collect (and occasionally listen to) music
  • feed my cat Molly (who thinks she's a human)
  • cook food (and usually eat it)
  • figure out why Davis has such a lame Bar scene

At some point, I may attempt to elaborate on some of these. For now, I'm pretty illiterate at this whole thing, so I'm going to call it good.


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2005-02-09 09:10:02   A fellow Washingtonian and WWU alumni! —TaliaJewell