I live in Sacramento but spend a lot of time in Davis.

I am the Owner of Real Computers & Free Diagnostics

I have built dozens of high performance computers, and I am pretty damn good at what I do. If you have a computer problem feel free to contact me any time.


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2011-03-28 08:12:25   Don't you think it's just a little shady to basically advertise on a competitor's page? How would you react if one of your competitors dropped a comment on Real Computers & Free Diagnostics linking back to them and highlighting cheaper prices? —TomGarberson

2011-03-28 08:41:27   I did not provide any link, I simply commented. If another computer repair shop commented on the real computers page to point out a obvious mistake I feel that would be appropriate. So no in this case I do not think its shady at all and I am asking you to restore my comment. What is shady is that iFIXELECTRONICS is telling people repairs are going to cost hundreds when they really wont. Thats something people should be aware of. If the customer had agreed to the repair I wonder if iFIX would have bought a new inverter for $10 dollars, fixed the issue, and charged her hundreds for a new logic board. Replacing an LCD inverter is such a basic task for computer repair that I find it very shady that they said they needed to charge her much much more for a different part instead.

This is the comment in question: "About the comment directly above this comment, I am actually the one who did the repair on that laptop. It needed a new LCD inverter which is a $10 part that goes inside the top part of the case just under the screen. LCD inverters are basically made to be replaced and anytime a laptop screen is not working its usually a good idea to check the inverter first."—RealComputers The comment I was referring to in my comment describes a situation in which iFIX was going to charge the customer hundreds for a new logic board that the computer did not need.

I don't think there is anything shady about that. If I had added "if you want fair price come see me" or something like that, then I would agree with you but I specifically made sure to avoid using any advertisement-like wording because I knew someone would be upset if I did.

The comment I added is simply a statement of facts.

On second though, thought I believe what I typed out above, it is definitely not worth the argument so just leave it how it is I guess.

For the sake of understanding I would like to know why it was ok for you to remove my comment. Is it simply against the rules for a business owner to comment on another businesses wiki page? Should it not be a benefit of the wiki that business can critique each other? If I made an error on someones computer and they took it to another shop and that shop owner left a comment on the real computers wiki page describing that error, I don't see how that would be wrong and that is all I did when I commented on the iFIX page.

2011-03-28 09:30:56   Tom thought it wasn't good to add it, so he removed it. You're looking for absolute rules, when you're actually just dealing with an individual. If somebody else dosen't like that he removed it, they might add it back. It's not as complex as you make it seem. You can add and remove, so can Tom. You added something, Tom removed it and explained why. —JabberWokky

2011-03-28 09:37:59   Tom asked me a question, I answered and asked another question. I am now waiting for his reply. I disagree with his reasoning and I want to know what he has to say about my reasoning. —RealComputers

2011-03-28 09:42:20   I'll be blunt. Brian, you've lost the benefit of the doubt. You've proven time and again that every single edit you make on the wiki is for the furtherance of your business. Yes, it's potentially valuable information for consumers, but coming from you, it's obviously self-interested. If you were editing under your own name, rather than your business name, it might help your case a little bit. Instead, you're still linking back to this page with every comment, which just happens to match your business name and promote your business.

If you hadn't trashed your reputation here, it'd be a different matter. A simple statement of the facts on a competitor's page from a business owner like DonShor, BruceHansen, KevinWan, or Aaron.Curtin would still probably get a second glance, but would (for my part, at least) stay. —TomGarberson

2011-03-28 09:47:17   Tom, if I left the comment and then removed the link to my user page and made the comment "anonymous", would you still have an issue with that? Also, someone has the account with my name and I have not been able to get access to that account. —RealComputers

  • There was some kind of kerfluffle on the wiki right after it came up last time, and I wasn't able to reset it (it's not straightforward). You might consider just using your middle initial or a period (I.e., BrianFTangney or Brian.Tangney). That's up to you; somebody asked me about it this morning when you edited and reminded me, so I can try to look into it tonight. -jw

2011-03-28 09:56:28   To be honest, I'm not sure. I'll think on it, and wait and see what others have to say. —TomGarberson

2011-03-28 10:00:52   I genuinely think people should be aware of that piece of info. It sounds to me like iFIX was about to do some seriously shady and dishonest repairs to that computer. I am not trying to help myself here but I do think it is something potential iFIX customers should be made aware of. I have seen the talk page for iFIX and I am not the first person to suspect them of being dishonest.

If the information can be presented anonymously, I think that would be a good thing. —RealComputers

2011-03-28 10:04:21   Hey JW, good idea. It worked. I will use this account from now on unless I am doing something thats only related to the RC page. —Brian.Tangney

2011-09-20 12:12:52   It's a wiki. I left a comment responding to another comment; not the first time I've done that on a page. I thought it would be better for me to delete our little discussion rather than for me to rehash all of the stupid things you've said about computers that reveal your ignorance. Yes??? That's what I mean about don't start. Leave it alone. I don't want to fight with you, either. —CovertProfessor

2011-09-20 12:17:07   You have no right to delete my comments covert. Just like I have no right to delete yours. —Brian.Tangney

2011-09-20 12:17:11   You've proven yourself to be incompetent by some of the outrageously wrong things you've said on the wiki. It was especially entertaining to watch you debate a computer security expert and you tell him that he's wrong. It was also entertaining to watch you go off about how computers work in a way that indicates that you know absolutely nothing about computer architecture. You really don't want to have the debate about your competence. —WilliamLewis

2011-09-20 12:19:55   Yea ok william. Like you have any idea whats going on here. I left 1 friendly comment on the RC page today, thats all. Apparently thats not ok with you guys. —Brian.Tangney

2011-09-20 20:03:53   Just to repeat it here, in public: I am not an admin, a founder, or anything other than another user. I can't punish people on request, nor would I. —TomGarberson

2011-10-11 06:04:16   You guys have really proven yourselves to be totally unable to see past your fist impression of me and that all you really want to do is slander me and my business. I logged in once sometime in the last year just to remove info about a discount I was no longer offering and I was accused by more than one person of self promoting and I had to defend myself ..for removing info about a discount. This pretty much describes most of my experiences on the wiki except for a period in which I didnt get this site at all and made some edits I should not have, all in the very biginning. You people have no reasoning skills what-so-ever, you simly attack everytime I make an edit or comment and the quickness of your responses makes me wonder if you ever leave your virtual hang out spot (davis wiki). Im glad you guys are such good online buddies that when one of you falsely accuses a person of misconduct, you all jump on that person and join in the attack with no concern for the facts. Its intersting that my last appearance on the wiki, in which I posted a short friendly comment on the real computers page sparked a attack on me (as usual) and then resulted in not only my account being banned but also you guys decided to change the info for real computers on the page that lists the computer reapir businesses in davis to basically remove any appeal and replace it with a very short statement (the shortest on the whole page for any listing) that is not even facutally accurate. Similar to the hystory section on the real computer page which id id not make and is not even close to accurate, but if I tired to change it someone would surely accuse me of doing something bad. I am going to change the wording on the list of computer repair business so that it is at least accurate, though I'm almost positive someone will undo it and perhaps see this whole thing as reason to further slander me or even completely remove the real computers listing from davis wiki. Well I really dont care anymore. You guys can enjoy your weird virtual hang out spot until you die for all I care. I will not be reutrning to the wiki. Obviously there is no point for me anyway. —user5555

Walls of text riddled with typos that I don't bother to read under 800 WPM that just confirms what I think of you anyways? Peace bro you won't be missed! Daubert