PROPOSAL: Ban of Briankenyon. Her has repeatedly changed the Front Page to make untoward remarks about the general editor population. This time he went too far-going after CovertProfessor.

I don't recommend this lightly but he has been warned numerous times—the most recent from Phil that he could actually be banned.

He's been given enough time-recommend stopping this BS. —PeteB I agree, and I think at this point he's expecting it. —DonShor

  • Anybody disagree with at least a medium term ban? As far as I can see, for quite awhile (long enough to have cooled off) he is now purely engaging in knowing, intentional vandalism and escalating personal attacks. The community has clearly warned it is unacceptable. -jw

Make it so ~SD

Pretty sure this ban is going to go through, but I just want to put it out that banning this editor sort of validates BK's "super-editor" criticism. I'm not saying his approach, (i.e. repeatedly putting this up on the front page, and not really responding to those who have tried to talk to him about it), is super effective, but I think there are some bigger picture issues here that would benefit the community if reflected on in a more open-minded way. I can appreciate the fact that he is calling us out on over-zealous editing. I think some of us are tired of the edit wars and drama (yesterday's revert session and talk page on Andrea Thomas was a perfect example of that. Who's going to want to edit with a bunch of hardliners?). Its pretty obnixious sometime and spoils the atmosphere. Given all that, I'm not to fight against a ban here. I just think we should keep an open ear to the criticism and consider ways to improve how we work as a community. —JT

Agreed. It's a conversation that's worth having. If Brian were trying to have the conversation, that would be great. Instead, he's just vandalizing the front page repeatedly and refusing to discuss it. I'm fine with a ban, or with making one more attempt to get him to discuss rather than vandalizing, while making explicit that it's his last chance. I'm not inclined to make that approach myself, given my experience with, shall we say, some of the more persistent users. But if someone is so inclined, it might be worth it. —TomGarberson

I'll give it a shot. Please hold off on the ban for now (I propose 5 days, if no response by end of the day on Wednesday, ban would be fine with me). If we do end up banning, I'd still encourage discussion on better editing practices. Banning BK should not mean we ignore the problem.

I've blocked this user from editing the Front Page for now. Happy to institute a ban if folks feel it would help. Unfortunately, I don't think Brian is likely to engage in a discussion here or he would have taken the opportunity earlier. —PhilipNeustrom

I hope there is some participation on BK's end, but given the history, it's probably a long shot. Was reaching out on my end because, as TG has pointed out, it seems like there may have been some past issues with other editors. Still, whether BK wants to comment or not, it would be good to do some self-evaluation on a community level. —JT