Brian McFadden

Brian is a UCD student majoring in Dramatic Art. He has a Box in the Green Room. Behold his majesty.

He is a big fan of the CoHo Bakery, where he often — very often — stops for a cup of Hazelnut brew, and perhaps a Very Berry Bar or Cinnamon Brick (now more usually sold as a Roll.) In other food-related news, Brian has been recognized more than once as "The guy who likes Jusco on the Wiki."

He ran for a place on the ASUCD Senate in Fall of 2005, under the United Student Alliance slate. He appreciated the effort of the 2145 students who bothered to vote, and especially of the 130 of them who ranked him as their first choice. Partially as a result of the controversy stemming from the election, Brian changed his mind about the nature of the ASUCD, and is now living a happy and largely apolitical life. This leaves him free to spend his time more productively, on such things as classwork, computer games, and social interaction.

You may have seen him in the Theatre and Dance Department's production of Shakespeare's Scottish play, as both the lords Angus and Seyward, and also as the English Doctor, who enters, speaks a paragraph, and exits. The show ran late January and early February 2006, under the direction of Emily Davis.

Fun fact: one of his nicknames is "Bone Saw", thanks to the intense willies he gets from the mere thought of gore. And to think he considered ROTC as a possibility for paying for college...