For those who don't know me, I am The Brillo. I'm a pre-med Chemistry major from Vista, California. When I'm not limping to the emergency room, I can usually be found working at the Silo Bookstore (for the last time, scantrons and blue books are to your left as you enter, under the license plate frames). I'm finally graduating in the summer, and after that, who knows? I play baritone with the Band-uh. I have also marched the past two seasons with the River City Regiment Senior Drum and Bugle Corps.

In my spare time, I hang with my friends, spend time with my lovely girlfriend Sharon, and of course, I'm always up for a game of Ball tag.


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Welcome to the Wiki, Brillo! Those Band-Uh practices at the ARC certainly are impressive (and I can hear them from my house!)PhilipNeustrom

Brillo!! I see you added yourself to the Band-uh page already. Awesome! - AllisonEriksen