Brooke B is originally from Sacramento, CA. She graduated from UC Davis with a major in Genetics and a minor in Evolution and Ecology in June 2011. She worked as a campus tour guide from her sophomore to senior year. As of May '09, she also worked as an assistant for the Begun Drosophila (fruit fly) lab, and later for the Langley Drosophila lab, but on her resume it states "Lord of the Flies."

She loves to cook, especially when feeding friends. She probably makes some of the best mashed potatoes known to man. In fact, she is often quoted to be "so Irish, she even dips her french fries in mashed potatoes." In her spare time, she watches movies and reruns of Dexter, Weeds, and The Office (US), It's Always Sunny, CSI, Grey's, Bones, The X files, and Family Guy online. Her favorite websites are FailBlog, TFLN and This Online Comic. Some day she will score a bag of crap from Woot! Brooke likes to collect funky one-of-a-kind earrings and would some day like to learn to belly dance really well (she's got the hip scarf, now all she needs is the rhythm).

Brooke spends her free time searching for clues left behind by the CCCC. Over the two years she has spent in Davis, she has come to love all the weirdness it has to offer. She hopes to one day live here year-round, even though she prefers walking to biking any day. (Although, maybe if her bikes weren't always breaking she would feel differently).

Some of her favorite pictures she has taken around Davis:

Tye Dye at Whole Earth Festival 2008

Tercero at night

Battle of the Bands 2008

Mural Squirrel

Classes she has taken: MANDATORY CHE2 series (Stuchebrukov, Couch, Toupadakis) MAT16 series (Dad-del, Sallee, Malkin) BIS2 series (Gerhart/Roth, Strong/Patricelli, Rizzo/Sinah/Ward) CHE8 series (Franz) PHY7 series (Erbacher, Klapstein,Coleman) STA100 (Azari) BIS101 (Rodriguez) BIS102 (Toney) BIS103 (Inoue) BIS104 (Starr) EVE100 (Begun) EVE101 (Shoener) EVE117 (Rejmanek) EVE115 (Stachowicz) EVE134/134L (Shaffer) MCB160L (Rose) MCB161(Harmer) MCB162 (Chedin) MCB163 (Natzle) MCB164 (Burgess) UWP104E (Thaiss) General Ed PSY1 (Hinkley) SAS20 (Ronald) ENG (Hopf) CRD1 (Tarallo) AHI1C (Stazdes) MST20A, B (Roddy) FOR FUN FRS-Stem cells (Leach) FRS-The Genetics of Harry Potter (Lasalle) PHE-Volleyball (Puppione) TCX7 (Kaiser) PHE- Weight lifting (Manara) PSC101 (Trainor) PSC168 (Zane)


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2010-08-02 02:28:15   Wow...ridiculous how I've been in like half your classes...we could have been sitting right next to each other without realizing it! Haha jp. But since no one has done so yet, I suppose it is my duty to officially Welcome you to the Wiki. —TheShah

2011-06-03 11:30:15   Hey, congratulations on your degree! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards