Buffalobuffalobuffalo, originally from Iowa, with time spent in Pasadena, is a buffalo owner residing in Davis, CA. He is working on a preprint that proves:

Theorem: For every positive natural number n, there is a sentence of n words consisting entirely of the word "buffalo".

Proof? -wl

Buffalobuffalobuffalo will probably not be seen very much at Sophia's Thai Kitchen/Bar much before October 31, 2007. He also does not appreciate the taste of pears. Buffalobuffalobuffalo laments the lack of a good house of chicken and waffles in Davis, wishig perhaps that a branch of Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles would open nearby.

Buffalobuffalobuffalo's favorite joke is as follows: Question: What do you call a chicken/waffle composed of some cells (0-fruits, 1-fruits, 2-fruits, and so on...), and a sub(chicken/waffle) of a subcollection of those cells? Answer: CW pears!