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2019-03-02 16:02:23   Oh, I didn't read your comment until now. I thought it might be better to keep the controversies together, because the Natalie Corona case on this Davis Wiki could well get all over the place, and I am not sure if that would be a good thing for two reasons: 1 People could get confused while trying to get info 2 there ís overlap in both controversies, namely that of the "black" aspect. Clover's tirades seem to bear this in mind only. He talks about black people being killed. It seems to be the core of his hatred against the Police.

It was Aggie columnist Nick Irving who connected the two subjects, not me! So, there ís a very clear connection and not only made by me. I am secondary in this one. But sure, I have given your arguments thought long before you brought them up to me. We could split it. But then, like I said: Natalie Corona gets all "spilled" out over the Davis Wiki. Not sure, if you really insist, I could split it up and start a new one on Clover. If that makes you happy, I will do it. The part I contributed should stay intact, because it has a lot of good links in it.

Moreover, I really expect even more Natalie Corona controversies to pop up. And then what? Keep creating separate pages about this? Her death has triggered something big. One could even start to wonder if this all (her death at such young age, I mean) was meant to be, for the believers in deep meaning to this world and to all our lives. 



2019-03-05 12:42:43   Hi Cameron, sorry, but I don’t like this. I don’t think the Joshua Clover page should look like this. Now his whole life is reduced to this one thing, that doesn’t seem right. Didn’t you read what yours truly and JabberWokky discussed? Probably JabberWokky still will want to do that, and it seems a way better, elegant solution. You were just rushing to another solution—ConstantiaOomen

2019-03-05 13:17:26   Hi Constantia, That's a very good point re: Clover's page. Sorry, I must have missed you and JW's thoughts/discussion on this. I'm really glad that I know how to spell your name now, btw. :-) —CameronM

2019-03-05 19:29:13   Hi Cameron, okay no problem. It could stay this way, though I wouldn't be surprised that, sooner or later, another Natalie Corona "controversy" pops up, and I personally would like to see them in one spot, with the tabs...Now in fact we already have three pages on Natalie Corona and related. Her "own" page and then the two "controversies". Because Nick Irving really wrote what he wrote, because he experienced the whole Natalie Corona case... at least that's what I make of his interview and column. —ConstantiaOomen

2019-11-22 18:21:37   Nice cleanup of the undue focus. —JabberWokky