My first name is Michael, not Captain. How about that?

Graduate Electrical Engineering Student. Grad school is a lot of work. Who knew?

Buy my car:

$100. Dead auto tranny.


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2004-11-22 20:50:10   Hey there Captain'. Awesome pictures and pages! Keep up the great work! - PhilipNeustrom

2005-04-04 21:30:54   the arlen theory is that if you make a derogatory page, someone will go and change it. take a look through the edit history of the pages listed under "the arlen theory" —ArlenAbraham

2006-01-15 15:18:35   Why are you so blurry? Oh right, beer. —ArlenAbraham

2007-03-20 12:11:04   I understand, The IP addresses are the same because I have been having people comment on the laptop in our store. All of our positive comments have been deleted by someone else as we had many this last year. The IP addresses will always be the same because people leave them at our store, to help spread the word. I promise no more spam and no more deleting irrevelant comments. I'm just trying to run a business. I am 25 and still a student. —KipMeade

2007-03-31 01:55:00   thanks for the salute of our bar, sophia's and I agree plastic should never be the vessel that alcohol is served in. It was a cost thing with the dollar drinks night, which we don't do anymore anyway, cheers man —JarrettNoble