Ms. Caitlin "Cat" Starr is an essential puzzle piece of the Davis community. She is a beautiful writer, a music lover, a dreamer, a mermaid.

She worked at Americana Arms Apartments as the Office Manager, & has dedicated far too much of her time to her work. Friends are beginning to complain.

Her interests include musicals, world domination, pearls, cowboys, true love, zombies, & disneyland.

She knows when to be serious, but she also knows how to have fun better than almost anyone! Her giggle is contagious, & so is her smile. Lately her hair has been varying shades of red, but it has been every color of the rainbow! She is loud & proud & utterly charming. She likes fancyfancydesigner things but isn't above shopping at Walmart for a good deal. If you are ever in need of a good hug, she'll be there with open arms.


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You work at Americana Arms?! —StevenDaubert

2007-03-01 22:41:07   I've met you a couple of times and stuff, but I never knew your last name until I saw it on here. Are you fucking Ryan Starr's sister? —BradBenedict

2010-09-30 10:32:44   FYI Ms. Starr has not worked at Americana Arms since October of 2007. —jlesliet

2012-02-04 22:59:39   Ha ha, I thought it was you!