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I am happy to hear Cali is home, she looks just like my cat and it broke my heart to see those signs all over town. I suggest getting a microchip for her to help out if she is ever lost again. Would you mind if I took down some of the flyers around town when I see them? By the way it looks like you know Tom Waits (or his daughter), I am a huge fan of his. I love to hear stories about him. —DagonJones

2010-07-30 08:06:33   Thank you so much! We have started a Davis group of lost and found pets as we do not have a local shelter(in Davis) and the Yolo shelter is closed after 5pm and on Sunday and Monday.... crazy amounts of animals that get lost, but we can help them find their way back home! :) She was listed a being microchipped by the Animal Control when we got her as a kitten, when we scanned her sister to (also our adopted kitty) she came up without one, so we microchipped her and then Cali when she came home. thanks so much, sorry I am almost never on Wiki so I am late to respond! Yes Tom Waits and I spent time together a few years back. He is a wonderful man and a great musician and has a really amazing family. Cayce PS love the powered kites!! amazing..... —CayceWallace