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2011-04-25 19:33:29   Welcome to the Wiki! Thanks for all your work on the Students on the Autism Spectrum page, it's looking really good. /Talk pages are generally used for sorting out problems with content on a given page, although if you have any questions, it's a good place to ask them. If you'd like ideas for adding to the page: 1) Links! Having a whole paragraph packed with links can make it hard to read, but it's worth tying the page to others. Part of what makes the wiki great is that every page leads you to others. A part of that is also creating links to the page. Look around for pages that should lead to Students on the Autism Spectrum. Maybe a link from the MIND institute page? Certainly the Student Disability Center. I'm sure if you explore a bit, you'll find a bunch of good options.

2) Headers. You can tidy up the layout of a page by adding headers. If you put equals signs around a word or phrase, it turns it into a header: = This is a first level (big) header = == This is a second level (medium) header = ===This is a third level (smallish) header===TomGarberson

2011-04-26 10:47:03   Thanks for the tips! —Chelsea744

2011-04-30 13:57:38   No problem! Just bad luck we edited at the same time. Great idea for a page. —ARWENNHOLD

2011-09-27 13:32:14   I think the Students on the Autism Spectrum page is very nice also. Thanks! —NickSchmalenberger

2012-06-10 10:45:03   I really support the comment that you made on the Autism Awareness Association page. Our society seems to have become obsessed with "normalcy" and with curing those who are different from the average (but aren't we all?). I'm glad you spoke out. That's definitely a problem if the group is run by those who are neurotypical.

Having said that, though, I think it would be better to leave the AAA link on the Students on the Autism Spectrum page. Some might find the organization useful, or at least want to know that it exists. You can put a little comment next to it and explain that some question the orientation of the group (or however you want to put it). —CovertProfessor