Name: Tracey Also: Traceian, Marcus Ulpius Traianus Size: 4' 9 1/2" Call her short and die. Age: She is immortal, so this thing called "age" is not relevant. However, most people mistake her for a 10-year-old. Or sometimes an 8-year-old boy—which makes it difficult to pass as a Pokemon trainer. Race: Shinigami Sightings: ChibiKidd may be spotted sporting a Team Rocket uniform or Jurassic Park ranger's vest. She enjoys cosplay, which may make it difficult for you to find her. Just go around campus to all the pianos or, better yet, attend CSA meetings. Random factoid: She likes hats. And trading cards. And plushies. And pianos. Especially pianos.

ChibiKidd also believes in the existence of a dragon who lives underground, just outside Olson Hall, and protects the UC Davis campus. If you see steam coming up from grates on your way to Olson, be sure to say hello to Eustace.


fall 2009~joined Davis Anime Club spring 2010~her hair was bleached into the Death the Kid awesomeness (three distinctive white stripes on black hair) that it is now known for fall 2010~became the official DAC mascot when the former mascot, Chibi, passed on her title winter/spring 2010-2011~had adventures in cosplay with UC Davis Classical Studies Association and Davis Anime Club legends (alumni) early spring 2011~joined Team Rocket of North America, the first and only continental Pokemon Cosplay organization dedicated to the red R, covering all cross the USA and into Canada late spring 2011~started Team Rocket California Division as a regional subdivision of TRNA late summer 2011~tried to dye her hair back to one color... but the bleached Death the Kid stripes faded back in anyhow. Not joking. fall 2011-spring 2012~raised a Roman army, complete with last centurion, with UC Davis Classical Studies Association spring 2012~cosplayed Ani, DAiCon mascot summer 2012~caught Pokemon in Scotland, sonicked a Roman wall in London, crewed a tall ship, and took on the name Traceian fall 2012~was given the name Marcus Ulpius Traianus by a certain Classics 3 professor

Currently, ChibiKidd is the vice president and Picnic Day coordinator of UC Davis Classical Studies Association and an admin of Team Rocket of North America.