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2011-06-08 16:09:20   Hey Christina, Welcome to the Wiki! Thanks for adding the information you've added for University House Apartments. Please take a few minutes to read Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner - it's a very helpful page (although a little messy; it's in the process of being rewritten)! It's great to see friendly and proactive customer service like this comment. Keep up the good work! And please consider visiting some other pages on the wiki to share your thoughts about some of your favorite (or least favorite) places in town! —TomGarberson

2011-06-08 16:54:35   2011-06-08 17:00:00 Thanks for the house is my pet project right now. I just want everyone to know that there are changes being made and this place is a lot better then it used to be. Thanks for the advice i will visit some other pages. [UserChristinaHanes] —ChristinaHanes