Christopher Condap is an Engineering Mathematics: Mathematics and Statistics major at the University of California at Berkeley. What he is doing on a Davis Wiki is the subject of great controversy, but most people attribute it to the fact that he has far too much spare time. He is currently pursuing a minor in Electical Engineering and Computer Science, which (quite possibly) makes his major and minor the longest string of characters of any combination of two majors and minors:

"Engineering Mathematics: Mathematics and Statistics; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science."

Christopher Condap sings Tenor II in DeCadence, an A Cappella group from Berkeley, who has performed with The Spokes on previous occasions.

Christopher Condap makes no apologies at this time, but all complaints may be forwarded through SeanRiddle.

While many ladies frequently get ideas about Christopher Condap, these ideas are flawed, because he is taken and belongs completely to LinliPao. So don't get any ideas! :-P