Cody Duncan

Cody at a classy engagement

Cody Duncan is a UC Davis alumni with degrees in Technocultural Studies and Philosophy. At one time he hosted The Listening Room as The Reverend on KDVS with Kevin Corrigan.

Cody has been producing music since 2002. Though he does so under his own name, he worked for some time under the name Apathy Overdrive. In the Spring of 2008 Cody began work on the production of Pilgrim, and released the work in October of 2009. In the summer of 2009 he began work on a musical journal, releasing collections of tracks at the end of each season (and as they are created).

It is rumored that he has ties with the seedy organization known as Natral Flava, rumors which he denies outright.


ToyBox Electronics Mixing Project Cody Duncan's Music and Journal Cody Duncan's Music Cody Duncan's YouTube Channel


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