Colin Clark

Colin Clark, Leader of Team Ramrod

Colin Clark is the leader and founder of Davis airsoft team, "Team Ramrod". I love "killing" others in airsoft. I am not the best at the game, but I can hold my own. I am quite good at making long range sniper shots. My current arsenel includes a full-sized M-16 A3 and a M4 with over 280 F.P.S. each. The famous Rainbow City event was a big part of my game playing. it scared the crap out of me then those darn cops showed up. Ohhh man. I am on aquest to find a new playing place. i think that polaying durring the day might also be a good idea. This opens up new places that would be too dark to play at durring the night.

"Lets Play DAMMIT!"


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2005-11-04 09:59:15 —ArlenAbraham