Colin Walsh with his son

Colin Walsh:

I Grew up on Kent Drive. A lovely Central Davis Neighborhood although when I was young it was on the north side of town. And there where still open fields just north of Covell.

I attended Davis Parent Nursery School back when it was located at the The United Methodist Church Of Davis on Anderson road. I went on to Attend West Davis Elementary, West Davis Intermediate, Emerson Junior High, and Davis Senior High School.

After 2 years of apathy and borderline behavior at Davis High I finally got involved in the school and was elected as the Senior Class Vice President and then the Student Body President. My year on student council under the tutelage of Dick Livingston was one of the most formative experiences in my high school life. I graduated from DHS in 1989.

Although I was never a great athlete I played on many sports teams, including the Davis little league, AYSO soccer (and city of Davis soccer before there was AYSO in Davis), Emerson Track and Field, the Davis High Wanker Rugby Club, the Davis High Blue Devil Football team (I played half a season and was particularly bad), and the Davis High Cross Country Team (were I never came in last in a race although it was close every time)

I worked at Tokyo Japanese Restaurant and Ding How from 1985-1988 which at the time were both owned by Jimmy Chan who was a great Boss.

I livid in Chicago and attended North Park College from 1989-1992. The school is affiliated with the University Covenant Church.

In 1992 I transferred to UC Davis and studied studio art.

Once back in Davis I lived in the Webster Hall Dorm until I moved into the Agrarian Effort Coop where I lived from 1992-1994. Ag Effort student Cooperative was a marvelous experience. I spent far too many days cutting all my classes and gardening. My fondest memories come from the summer where I would get up in the morning just after sunrise and go into the garden and pick my breakfast from the plentiful fruit trees, and garden for several hours before I did anything else.

In 1994 I lived briefly on Sunrise Farm.

While a student at Davis I was active with the Whole Earth Festival

  • 1986, 1992-forever Karma Patrol Member
  • 1993 Whole Earth Art Space Director
  • 1994 Sustainable Ag Education Director (which I didn’t do a very good job of)
  • 1995 Karma Patrol Director (which was an amazing experience)

I continued to be involved with the festival and often attended staff meetings until I moved away from Davis.

I was also active in other UCD activities:

and worked at Holmes Junior High School from 1994-1998

In 1997 with much help from Rodney Robinson, Martin Barnes, Nancy Price, Jim Leonard, Bob Milbrodt, Sue Greenwald and others I founded The Flatlander. Our first issue featured the Cache Creek gravel mining scandal and had Jeff and Annie Main's daughters on the cover. The first issue was produced in the offices of the experimental College. The second issue was produced at my house at 329 University Ave. Soon there after we moved to a tiny office, downtown, behind Cafe Roma. I was the publisher of the flatlander through 1999 when I moved out of Davis.

I met my wife, Maggie Memmott, while working on the Whole Earth Festival in 1995. We where Married in Arroyo Grande California on 6/19/1999. Our wedding was officiated by Amy Caroll (Crawford). Todd Thompson was my best man.

Maggie and I have lived in Culver City California since 2003. Our Son Ignacio Maxwell Walsh was born on 11/16/2004.


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Here is a weird memory from my childhood: My older sister, Laura had a poster from her friend who was running for student body president at Davis High. The poster was of a very attractive woman with very few clothes on. The poster had some paint or ink on it to censor some of the more racy parts... but I will always remember the message: Vote Colin Walsh for President. JimSchwab

As I remember it (it was quite a long time ago now) it was a movie poster that I had picked up free at the old Aggie Video store. It was one of several such posters that we repurposed for the campaign. We opted not to put that poster in question up at DHS because it was to risqué and a bit degrading to women. So Laura, who hade been helping me make posters, took it home. I didn’t realize (or I don’t remember now ) that she hung it on her wall. I doubt I would have been elected without Laura’s help.

Looking back now, I am not particularly proud to have even made such a poster, but I still think it was pretty cool that we made posters from discarded materials. We also made big posters out of old newspapers that we taped up together on the wall at the school and painted on the spot. The posters ended up being up to 6 or 7 feet square.