He a recently graduated alumni of UCDAVIS in sociology with a social services emphasis.

Colin working with kids

Colin in snowy Grand Canyon He is an alumni of Alpha Gamma Omega, the Christian Fraternity at UCDAVIS.

He is the former the President of Students for Life at UCD.

He also used to drive buses for Unitrans.

Here is a good poems:

My voice will speak despite all hostilities no fear in my eyes knowing this fight is for life for those who can't speak for themselves marginalized pushed aside silenced in the darkened womb a forgotten generation cries and they will be heard their voices will perpetuate through my life because I cannot forget I cannot lie this is murder these babies die.

*Ode to the Sweet Pen*

Oh how dearly I love thee and your beautiful strokes the way you touch down it sure ain't a joke.

Those dark smooth lines drive me crazy inside and the results are amazing something I just can't hide

Ode to the sweet pen and all that you do so sad that I could have fallen for a pen like you.


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2005-04-27 18:37:15   Do you have any suggestions for resources for women with unplanned pregnancies who choose to keep their babies and/or for young/single/student/otherwise marginalized parents? I'm working on Davis parenting resources, and I and others have found that this information is hard to find. —JessicaLuedtke

2005-05-19 23:44:00   If you go to the Planned parenthood federation of America annual report from 2003, they performed 244,628 abortions procedures out of 7,961,514 total medical procedures. That is a little over 3%. The are statistics that are audited by the government. —JimSchwab

2005-05-20 00:17:07   Yeah, I just looked at the report. Yes, Planned Parenthood provides many other services besides abortion. But solely in comparison to prenatal services, abortions dominate. And the report does not detail anything on counseling or postnatal care as for as I know. —ColinWen

2005-05-20 08:04:40   I never stated anything to the contrary, simply the 3%-5% assertion. —JimSchwab

2005-06-01 09:02:35   Put a picture of yourself up! —GeorgeLewis

Hi Colin, I believe at one point you stated "remember, the catholic church is infallible," or something akin to that. I thought you might like to take a look at this article on the secular web: http://www.secweb.org/asset.asp?AssetID=398. Remember, as an organization made up by humans, they are fallible and are made only more ethically dangerous when its members do not realize that fact and believe they are standing on a solid rock of absolutism, rather than a sandy beach that changes with the tides of time. —KarlMogel P.S. My full response will be done in about a month - as I am concentrating my efforts on building my new website - and both will make their debut together.

2005-12-07 22:19:15   By "normal usage", I mean the normal method by which that hormone contraceptives work. They do cause any fertilized eggs to be aborted, but the vast majority of eggs aren't fertilized due to the hormones — thus, the normal mechanism is not abortive. IUDs are 100% abortive, while barriers (condoms) and the morning after pill are not abortive, but as a result do have a failure rate higher than hormonal contraceptives. Hormonal treatments can cause abortions, but the normal mechanism by which they work prevent a need for any abortions — eggs that "slip through" are, however, aborted. I have no problem with you writing that, as it is an important consideration for anybody considering birth control options who has a moral objection to abortion. To characterize hormonal contraceptives as "causing abortions" is, however, misleading, as it implies that the normal contraceptive mechanism is abortive. It is not. As I not earlier, IUDs *are* abortive and should be completely avoided by anybody seeking a non-abortive contraceptive. Hormone treatments are likely to be safe, although the statistical possibility of an abortion occurring during their use is certainly a consideration that will likely rule them out. Barriers and morning after pills would be completely safe for them. —JabberWokky

2005-12-09 23:02:27   That page is wrong and/or outdated. Earlier this year it was confirmed that no uterine wall shedding occurs. It was only ever a theoretical possibility, and has now been shown not to occur (ref: study). With the morning after pill, if you're pregnant, you're pregnant. All it does is block pregancy if it has not yet occured. —JabberWokky

2005-12-09 23:12:02   As for listing contraceptive hormone treatements as causing abortions, you should be aware that many medications can also cause abortions as a side effect, such as Misoprostol, an ulcer and heartburn medication. A common way to *prevent* these drugs from causing abortions in patients with moral objections is to prescribe hormonal contraceptives, since they usually prevent contraception. On the rare occasion that they don't prevent contraception, they do cause abortions, but that is not their normal use — it is a side effect, just as it is a side effect of the ulcer medication and not how it normally works or is normally used. —JabberWokky

2005-12-13 19:35:15   I doubt it was confirmed. That study was done by a quite liberal group. In fact they help fund the American Society of Emergency Contraception. All Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion websites all list the same fact. That the EC pill does thin the uterine wall. This is a website I found on some of the studies http://www.polycarp.org/postfertilization_polycarp_1.htm All medicines have their side effects listed with them. That was merely what I was doing by mentioning that birth control can cause abortions. Because it can. —ColinWen