Craig in Scotland with a bit of Davis flavor.


Craig Fergus is a UC Davis graduate with a major in Conservation Biology, has interned with the California Water Resources Board working on wetland and riparian protection policy, monitored wood duck nest boxes along Putah Creek, helped write species profiles for, and this summer will be conducting Northern Goshawk and Spotted owl surveys for the Forest Service in El Dorado National Forest.

He also has a show on that fine freeform radio station KDVS called The Deep End, under the pseudonym DJ Haggis.

The Haggis name comes from the fact that he is incredibly Scottish even though he was born and raised in the disappointingly boring "city" of San Jose.

The Davis area is a much more exciting place with a steady stream of live music usually at the Delta of Venus but also in the newly christened TCS Building and Sacramento's Fools Foundation.

Favorite local acts include: Boss The Big Bit, Antlers, and Sholi

Craig used to swim and play water polo in high school and has been planning to get in the pool again for 3 years. In the mean time he hopes that his use of bicycles as his main form as transport will suffice for exercise.

Craig also thinks the Varsity is pretty rad.

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2007-08-04 11:18:27   Hey Craig, if you're looking for stuff to take pictures of, check out Photo Requests. Welcome to the wiki! —ArlenAbraham

2007-08-29 20:28:11   Craig, shouldn't you be coordinating office rather than engaging in hot-headed daviswiki debates? —JasonDunne

2007-08-30 07:20:28   For two reasons: first, because it has been archived beforeseveral times (and those are just the ones off the top of my head). A set of similar topics come up periodically, and the previous times it has come up are never cited the next time it is debated. I'm not even sure they should be cited, as the editorship changes, and the current group might come to a different conclusion this particular time. As a result, I don't think even trying to archive them into something that could be pointed at would be a good idea because the eventual community decision is subject to change as the editors change, and you wind up creating dogmatic phrases rather than casual, shifting tradition that takes into account the current editors. Yes, it is a contradictory combo of "it doesn't have an effect", and "if it has an effect, it locks us into a view that doesn't accept the input of new editors", but that's my reasoning. It's about giving the right to new editors to have a voice in the community not completely negated by editors in the past. Experienced editors already have a strong voice if their reasoning is sound, and tradition carries enough weight to prevent a series of radically contradictory changes that are destructive to the content... there's no need to turn their views (including mine) into dogmatic liturgy. You had a perfect right to question the issue, and the resulting discussion is productive as a venue for all current editors to take stock of the current status, raise their opinions and maybe change their minds a bit. —JabberWokky

2007-11-11 16:10:44   craig. craig. craig. Craig. Craig! Craig! Craig! CRAIG! CRAIIIG! —JasonDunne

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