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2010-02-11 21:01:29   Read Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner and then close this account. Come back when you can edit under your real name and not abuse the wiki. —JasonAller

2010-02-11 21:47:17   Seriously, what are you doing? Treat your fellow neighbors with some respect and a degree of civility, even if you disagree with them. Everybody is watching you delete the negative review (repeatedly!), as all records are open, and everybody can see what everybody else is doing — and restore the deleted comment. Everybody can delete anything on the entire wiki, just like anybody can walk around downtown shouting down other people when they try to talk. It just simply makes you look like a jerk in full view of the public. I'm betting you're not a jerk who yells over people they disagree with, and it's just a misconception about what the wiki is. Jason (and many others) also are kind of miffed that you wouldn't introduce yourself with your real name. It's kind of weird that you'd interact with your neighbors only going by the name of your company. Perhaps you walk down the sidewalk and introduce yourself as "Hi, I'm Duramed!", but I tend to doubt it. My name's Evan, I hope you take this as a clear statement trying to point out what you're doing. This isn't the random world wide web, it's a local wiki populated by your real neighbors who walk the same streets as you, and you aren't the first person to misstep as you treated it like some kind of review site. You're more than welcome to stick around, and I hope you do. Just give your fellow Davisites some respect and don't just simply delete what you don't agree with. If you dispute it, answer them, just as you would if they were saying the same thing at the Farmers Market. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards